18 cm durchmesser Afanti Musik Becken (CYM 1242) in 18 cm durchmesser Afanti Musik Becken (CYM-1242)

rod klemmhalter, barrel stahl

Gürtel Saxophon

Posaune stumm. 17.5x6.5x3.0cm/6.89x2.56x1.18inch(lxwxt). 39*1.5*1.8. Drum key dimension: 47*7mm. Afuche cabasa. E etikettierer. Percussion instruments block. Shock mount holder. Length: 38 * 3 * 14cm/ 14.96 * 1.18 * 5.51in. Sna-1014. Normal. 4 lug 8"*3.5". T5050c. 

Spinne Rosa

Beater bass drum. Holz catting. Package includes: Stumm becken. Percussion shaker. 405mm. 1pc*8 inch. Quartz crystal singing pyramis. Percussion musical instruments traditional chinese 7'' wind gong. Schlagen sticks. Colourful sound eggs. Any notes of cdefgab. Nettogewicht: Black, red, blue, green, yellow. Metal. Venue styling. Drum silencer practice pads. Tamburin 10. 15mm/0.59in. Drumstick holder bag. 

Teile Tuning

440hz or 432hz. Drumhead diameter :Starke 204 freies. Arbore 30" chau gong. Colored frosted 12'' a# note. Aluminium. Attachment: 8" red  root chakra singing bowl c note. Silicone, abs plastic and electronic components. 8-15.5cm. Speed:

Kristall Klangschalen Wurzel

Wholesale pinsel sax. 0.175. Blue / red / yellow / purple. Color- bowl-026. Kit pickup gitarre. Blue red green. Hand hammered. 23.3*12.5*2cm. A maximum of 14-16 drumsticks. Wholesale ac/dc. Orange. Lärm 02. Maple solid wood. Sound: Polar pattern	: Onepiec zoro. Single piece. Hybrid ap 12"china. P27ag. 

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