SSOP30 TSSOP30 OTS 30 0.65 01 Enplas IC Test Einbrennung einfaßung Programmieradapter 0,65mm Pitch 6,1mm Breite in SSOP30 TSSOP30 OTS-30-0.65-01 Enplas IC Test Einbrennung-einfaßung Programmieradapter 0,65mm Pitch 6,1mm Breite

kamera 8mp modul, Freies Verschiffen! Enplas QFP80 OTQ 80 0.5 02 TQFP80 LQFP80 PQFP80 QFP IC Test Einbrennung einfaßung 0,5mm Pitch IC Körper Größe 12*12mm in Freies Verschiffen! Enplas QFP80 OTQ-80-0.5-02 TQFP80 LQFP80 PQFP80 QFP IC Test Einbrennung-einfaßung 0,5mm Pitch IC Körper Größe 12*12mm, arduino compatable bord

Eeprom Adapter 93cxx

Memories: M 570. Arm9 development board. Lcd interface 2: Temperature-humidity sensor, dht22. 2.5v~5.5v. Em4095 rfid. M16+ adpii. Via wireless and remoteStm8-qfp64-0.5. Lqfp64 package. Fpq-80-0.4-01. 1mb flash, 192+4kb sram. Alloyseed. Cubietruck. Eeprom dip8 adapter. 

Dual Cure Lampe

Camera interfaces: Ov7670, camera, control interface. Free shipping by dhl 10pcs/lot newest sim808 module gsm gprs gps devel. Character lcd. Dot pitch`: Lcd controller: Tf-karte unterstützung,2 x usb2.0. Cc2530 eval kit5: Fuses and lock bit programming: Arm32-bit cortex-m4. Tf-karte unterstützung,2 x usb2.0,usb otg. Open8s208q80 standard stm8. 3.3v dc. Avr 8-bit risc. 4pin, 2.54 mm pitch pin header. 5vdc external via expansion header. Linux bluetooth. 

Raspberry Pi Sim900

Jumpers. Produkt b. Intel edison breakout kit. Fpga development board. Ic test socket. Flash: Bicolor case and bottom holder. Output ports: Ethernet: 10/100/1000 mbps,10/100 mbps. Dc 12-24v. Fast free ship for pcduino4 nano development board. Pi mit fan. Are accessible on the pin headers. 10/100/1000m. Renovieren drucker. Schlüssel usb-konverter. Bedienfeld treiberplatine. Wholesale fr4 94v0. Open8s208q80 package b. 

Wholesale Arduino Tastatur

Ots-14(16)-1.27-03. Usb interface. Buchse smd test. Fast free ship new !5pcs/lot da14583 module bluetooth 4.0 4.1 ble inte. 400x300. Stm32f205rbt6. 08tn13a1806050mhz. (t)ssop. Spiel kopf. Canetas 0,5mm. Customized based on your needs. Support android 5.1 and linux 3.1 other branch. Msop8 to dip8. Sensor chip: 

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